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We have been manufacturing Composite Reinforcement fabrics in Australia for over 50 years.

Colan Australia is an internationally recognised manufacturer of Composite Reinforcement fabrics. We specialise in the manufacture and development of high performance Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre and Aramid (Kevlar) and Innegra fabrics. We service industries as diverse as; Marine, Surfcraft, Transport, Aerospace and Industrial.

Our aim with this new interactive website is to offer you better service. Not only can you now purchase online and learn more about our products and capabilities, you can now access a range of useful resources including Engineering services, Industry news and Industry learning advice.

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Posted September 24th 2015

Schionning' G-Force 1800 SSS "ZERO" Launched

Schionning Design's latest G-Force 1800 SSS desgined Zero was launched this month.

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