Carbon / Eglass Uni Tape 225g/m2 95mm  **On Sale**

AC220UD095 - Carbon / Eglass Uni Tape 225g/m2 95mm **On Sale**

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Woven unidirectional tapes consist of a plain weave construction with at least 90% of the fibre weight in the warp. This is used to add tensile and load bearing strength in one specific direction.

All of our Carbon UD tapes are designed and made for surf boards using the best 3K tow and HiClear glass for maximum strength and clarity.

This type of tape is most commonly used in EPS construction for replacing the traditional timber stringer via parabolic reinforcement. Carbon UD tape can also be used to stiffen specific areas of the board or adding extra strength to rails and tail.

Fibre Carbon
Product Type Woven Tape
Construction Unidirectional
Density 225 g/m2
Width 95 mm
Thickness 0.20 mm
Pack Qty 50 mtr
Pack Weight 2.0 kgs
Dimensions 34 x 34 x 34 cm
Manufacturer Colan Australia
Finish Hi Clear