Aluminium Foil Laminated

Foil-laminated fibreglass fabrics are made by laminating an aluminium-film heat-shield to a layer of woven fibreglass insulation. This protects personnel or equipment by reflecting radiant heat. We use a high-temperature adhesive to ensure a maximum working temperature of up to 150°C is achieved. Our foil laminated fabrics are available with either a single side or double side facing. Base fabric is available in a range of thicknesses and widths.

Main ApplicationMaterial Performance
Heat retardant curtains or screens Maximum Operating Temperature 150°C
Thermal insulation covers Continuous Operating Temperature 120°C
Welding Fire protection Weather Proof Good
Safety Cloth and Apron Anti-Abrasion Moderate
Other Fire and Smoke Control Systems Water-Repellence Moderate
  Oil/Grease Resistance Good
  Chemical Resistance Good