Silicone Coated

We have a wide range of Silicone coated fabrics available. From very light fabrics with light coatings to heavier fabrics with denser coatings. We offer a suitable product whatever your application. Silicone coated fabrics offer excellent resistance to liquids and gases and can operate under high temperatures. Our silicone coated range of fabrics comes in either a single side or a double sided coating, in a variety of weights, colours and widths.

Main ApplicationsMaterial Performance
Insulation jackets, mattress and pads Maximum Operating Temperature 300°C
Fabric Expansion joints Continuous Operating Temperature 250°C
Fabric ductwork connector Weather Proof Excellent
Fire Doors and Fire Curtains Anti-Abrasion Excellent
Welding/Fire Blankets Water-Repellence Excellent
Other Fire Control Systems Oil/Grease Resistance Excellent
  Chemical Resistance Excellent