Vermiculite Coated

Our range of Vermiculite coated fabrics offer high temperature and abrasion resistance. The Vermiculite coating greatly improves the fabrics resistance to extreme temperatures. This coating is available with Fibreglass, Silica-glass or Ceramic fibre fabrics. These fabrics offer a continuous operating temperature of up to 800°C with a maximum of 1000°C for Fibreglass fabrics and up to 1200°C for Silica-glass and Ceramic fibre fabrics.

Main ApplicationsMaterial Performance
Heavy Duty Welding Protection Maximum Operating Temperature
Fire Doors & Smoke Curtains Fibreglass 1000°C
Removable Insulation Covers, Mattress and Pads Silica & Ceramic Fibre 1200°C
Fire Control Systems Continuous Operating Temperature 800°C
Thermal Barrier Weather Proof Moderate
  Anti-Abrasion Excellent
  Water-Repellence Moderate
  Oil/Grease Resistance Good
  Chemical Resistance Good