Basalt / E-glass Woven Fabric Plain 4oz x 27"

ABF214685 - Basalt / E-glass Woven Fabric Plain 4oz x 27"

Plain Weave fabric is constructed with the warp and weft forming a simple over-under criss-cross pattern. It is firm and stable, allows fair porosity, uniform in strength in all surface directions and is ideally suited for covering large flat surface.

This cloth is a customised version of our existing Basalt 4oz cloth with E-glass in the weft direction. Designed for use in Eco-friendly construction for replacing the traditional glass insert or adding extra strength as a tail patch.

For more information on this cloth and to order online visit our local re-seller Sanded Australia 

Fibre Basalt + E-glass
Product Type Woven Fabric
Construction Plain Weave
Density 130 g/m2
Width 685 mm
Thickness 0.2 mm
Pack Qty 50 mtr
Pack Weight 6 kgs
Manufacturer Colan Australia
Finish Loomstate
UOM Roll