Basalt Stitched Double Bias +45°/-45° 4.5oz x 25"

MXB1510DSLT - Basalt Stitched Double Bias +45°/-45° 4.5oz x 25"

Colan's Double Bias fabric is a two (2) layer fabric consisting of Basalt fibre laid down parallel in the -45° and + 45° axes. This fabric is used where complex contours and curved surfaces make other fabrics hard to laminate. It adds excellent structural support to square composite panels and provides stability in long laminates, which may experience torsional twist.

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Fibre Basalt
Product Type Stitched Fabric
Construction Double Bias +45/-45
Density 155 g/m2
Width 635 mm
Thickness 0.30 mm
Pack Qty 4.85 kgs
Pack Weight 7 kgs
Dimensions 82 x 19 x 20 cm
Manufacturer Colan Australia
Finish Hi Clear