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Colan Australia Materials & Fabrics

Established in 1954, Colan Australia is an internationally recognised manufacturer and distributor of high performance industrial textiles. We service key industrial sectors including Composite Reinforcement, Thermal Insulation and Protective materials.

Our commitment to Australian manufacturing will always remain. We do however recognise the impact international market forces have had on the Australian manufacturing sector. Through technology transfer agreements Colan has established a global network of manufacturing alliances committed to Colan's weaving technologies, specifications and quality assurance. This combination of locally and internationally sourced products allows us to remain both internationally competitive and committed to Australian manufacturing.

Colan Australia's objective is to offer you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.

Our Brands

Frontline Personal Protection Bushfire Blankets

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Akeso High Performance Odour Free Socks

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Akeso Anti-Bacterial Face Mask

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