Engineering Consultancy Services

When it comes to woven and stitch Composite fabrics, we are the experts. When we require Composite engineering services, we call on some of the most experienced and skilled people in the Industry.

We are pleased to be able these quality services to you.


NSW  Rik Heslehurst

Rik specialises in the following areas:

  • Design specification and requirements analysis and development-all engineering aspects
  • Composite composite design and development … including fabrication
  • Detailed stress analysis
  • Joining methods (particularly bolted and bonded joints in metals and composites
  • Bonded joint fabrication (major focus on surface preparation)
  • Damage assessment, analysis and repair design and application
  • Sandwich structure design and analysis
  • Composite workshop quality control and assurance
  • Composite workshop OH&S
  • Composite workshop requirements analysis

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VIC   Mike Leggett (Oceania Composites Pty Ltd)

Mike has been an engineer for over 15 years and has been fortunate enough to work for a wide range of engineering organisations in the UK.
As Principal Engineer, Mike established Oceania Composites Engineering to provide the Australian composites industry with a fully independent engineering consultancy covering both traditional glass based composites and carbon fibre composites using methods such as resin infusion and filament winding. Oceania Composites was established in 2003 and has been working with both international and Australian clients. The experience gained covers a wide range of industries including automotive, naval defence, sub-sea, and offshore, all with an emphasis on composites. Mike was part of the initial UK initiatives for the rehabilitation of structures using carbon composites using resin infusion technology. Mike’s involvement taking him both underground and off-shore repairing and strengthening pipe systems and structures. Oceania’s interests cover both traditional and advanced composites technology including the design and application of thermoplastics into traditional designs.

Specialties:NDE of Composites
Inspection of composite components
Filament Winding
Impact protection
FEA of Composite structures

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