Woven Roving

Our Fibreglass Woven Roving fabrics are the industry standard for quality and performance. Woven Rovings are made from continuous E-glass Rovings, loosely woven into a heavy fabric. The E-glass roving is finished with a Silane sizing enabling compatibility with most resin systems.

Woven Roving Fabrics are most suitable for hand lay applications where thickness and strength is required. The fabric offers good coverage, drape-ability, fast wet-out and is cost effective.

Our standard fabrics are 630 g/m² and 830 g/m² they are certified to Lloyd Register of shipping approval.

Typically offered in a plain weave, other weaves available upon request. Our range of Woven Roving is available between the following weights and widths.

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Benefits:Our Range
Cost Effective Width: 500 mm - 3000 mm
Large area coverage Weight: 250 g/m² - 1200 g/m2
Drapes well    
Fast wet out