Fibreglass (s-glass)

S-glass Fibreglass is a high performance alternative to standard Fibreglass E-glass. It is stronger and stiffer with a comparable density. S-glass Fibreglass is more expensive than E-glass but is still cheaper than Carbon Fibre. It is a good alternative for laminates requiring high strength.

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Benefits: Our Range
High performance Weaves: Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Basket Weave, Satin Weave
Strong Widths: 500mm - 2200mm
Versitile Weights: 25 g/m² - 660 g/m²
Drapes Well  
Item Code Description
ASF201685 S2-Glass Woven Fabric Plain 2.4oz x 27"
ASF211685 S2-Glass Woven Fabric Plain 4oz x 27"