Flow Mat (infusion)

Colan Flowmat is a special reinforcement specifically designed for use in closed mould systems such as RTM and Vacuum Infusion.

This three (3) layer fabric consists of chopped strands of E-glass fibre which are stitched together with a porous elastic layer in between. This stitching is non-structural. The middle layer is a core material made from polypropylene which provides increased resin flow properties along with good surface quality. 

Flowmat (Infusion Mat)
Key Features: Our Range:
Binderless construction provides excellent drapability Weaves: Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Unidirectional
Suitable for use in complicated mould shapes Widths: 100mm -1270mm
Quicker and easier lay-up time, reducing labour Weights: 584 g/m² - 1455 g/m²
Very fast wet out capabilities reducing fill time  
Increased control over laminate thickness  
Able t withstand high RTM pressures  
Lower resin requirement to fill larger moulds