Chopped Strand Mat

Chopped Strand Mat (CSM) is made up of chopped strands of glass fibre laid randomly and held together with a binder or stitching. Chopped Strand Mat is designed to cover a wide range of layup techniques. It easily conforms to moulds and has fast wet out properties.

Available Fibre
Chopped Strand Mat is mainly produced in Fibreglass (E-glass) but is also available in ECR glass.

Binder Options
Chopped Stand Mat can be chemically or mechanically bound. Chemical binders include Emulsion and Powder. Both chemical binders are highly soluble and work well with different resin systems. Emulsion is suitable for use with polyester while the Powder binder is more suited to Vinyl-ester, Epoxy and corrosion resistant resins.

Key Features: Our Range:
Suitable for use in complicated mould shapes Weights: 225 g/m² - 900 g/m²
Quicker and easier lay-up reducing labour Widths: Widths: 100mm - 1270mm
Very fast wet out capability reducing fill time    
 Increased control of finished part thickness    
 Able to withstand high RTM pressures    
 Lower resin requirement to fill larger moulds    
 Available in a variety of weight combinations and widths