Colan Tailored Solutions

Using a local manufacturer has many advantages. A major one is the ability to design custom fabrics just for you.

We have a long history of working closely with our customers to develop the right products for their requirements.

Through our Tailored Solutions, we can customize an existing fabric or develop a new fabric altogether.

This bespoke manufacturing alternative offers the custom design of a number of different variables including:

CustomizationsFibresOther Capabilities
Custom widths E-glass Stitching
Custom Weights S-glass Slitting
Custom Thickness Carbon Fibre Warping
Hybrid Fibre combinations Aramid (Kevlar) Contract Weaving
Tighter or Looser stitch / Weave Innegra S  
Adding polyester Traces (Various Colour)
Stitching additional layers Basalt  
Adding Chopped Strands  Hybrid combinations  
Stitched Fabrics & Tapes
Product DescriptionWeight RangeWidth RangeStitch Gauge
Biaxial 0°, 90° 200 g/m² - 2400 g/m² 100mm - 3300mm E6, E9, E10
Triaxial (0°, ±45°) or (90°, ±45°) 180 g/m² - 1800 g/m² 100mm - 1270mm E6, E9, E10
Double Bias (45°) 265 g/m² - 1500 g/m² 100mm - 1270mm E3, E4.5, E6, E9
Quadraxial (0°, 90°, ±45°) 600 g/m² - 2400 g/m² 100mm - 1270mm E6, E9
Unidirectional (0º) or (90º) 400 g/m² - 1700 g/m² 100mm - 3300mm E6, E9, E10
Flow Mat IInfusion (PP / CSM / PP)      
Combination Mat (Duomat) (WR + CSM)      
Woven Fabrics and Tapes
Product Description    Weight Range            Width Range
Woven Fabrics25 g/m² - 660 g/m²100mm - 2200mm Feather
Woven Rovings 250 g/m² - 1160 g/m² 100mm - 3200mm  Feather
Woven Tapes 115 g/m² - 1700 g/m² 20mm - 300mm  Loop