Multi-axial Fabrics (Non Crimp)


Multiaxial DiagramMulti-axial fabrics comprise of one or more layers of fibres, chopped strands and fabrics with varying orientation that are stitched together with a lightweight thread. These styles include Uni-directional, Double Bias, Biaxial, Triaxial, and Quadraxial. Multi-axial fabrics can be made in custom widths from 100 mm to 2540 mm and up to 3300mm for our Biaxial. Weight ranges are from 260 g/m2 to 1600 g/m2 with or without chopped mat or tissue attached. Products manufactured in Australia are certified with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) approval.

Features Benefits

Multiaxial fabrics offer several important advantages over other reinforcements.
Multi-axial’s maximise tensile modulus and with various orientations available strength can be focused where required.
As Glass fibres are laid parallel, resin pooling which often occurs in crimp fabrics is avoided. Thus, Multi-axial laminates achieve optimum reinforcement to resin ratio of up to about 70%.

Available Fibre

Multi axial fabrics are mainly produced in fibreglass (E-glass). Other fibre construction is available upon request. These include

S-glass, Basalt, Para Aramid or Carbon Fibre. Hybrid construction is also available.

Additional Layers

Additional layers may be stitched to multi-axial fabrics to provide lamination benefits. These include:

Chopped Strand mat (CSM), Continuous Filament Mat (CFM), Tissue / Veil, Woven Fabrics, Flow Medium and Core Materials

The main styles of fabric currently produced in E-glass are:

  • Unidirectional: 0 or 90
  • Biaxial: 0 & 90
  • Double Bias: +/-45
  • Triaxial: 0 +/-45
  • Quadraxial: 0 -/+ 45 & 90

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