Unidirectional (0°,90°)

Fibreglass roving is laid down in the 0° or 90° axis and is held parallel by lightweight stitching. This stitching is non-structural.

This fabric is used to add directional stability to structures in one specific direction. Often used to build up strength in frames, such as ring frames and beam type structures such as engine girders or keel girders etc.

Also available with 225 g/m² chopped strand mat (CSM) stitched to the underside of fabric for additional inter-laminar bonding requirements.

Key Features:

Maximised properties in one directionUnidirectional Multiaxial Direction

Forms to convex and concave surfaces easily

Compatible with Epoxy, Vinyl Ester and Polyester resins

Binderless chopped strand mat available

Manufacturing Range

Weight: 400 g/m² - 1700 g/m²

Width: 100 mm – 3300 mm

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