Double Bias (+45°, -45°)

Our Double Bias fabric is a two (2) layer fabric with fibreglass roving laid down parallel in the – 45° and + 45° axis. Lightweight stitching holds these fibres together and parallel in each layer.

Double Bias fabrics are used where complex contours and curved surfaces make other fabrics hard to laminate. These fabrics adds good structural support to square composite panels and provide stability in long laminates, which may experience torsional twist. Double Bias fabrics are often cut into strips for joining hulls, decks and bulkheads.

Double Bias fabrics are also available with 225 g/m² chopped strand mat (CSM) stitched to the top side of the fabric for additional bonding requirements.

Key Features:

Conforms to complex shapes easily. Excellent for strip planked structures.Double Bias direction

Excellent for joining up laminates such as bulkheads and hull.

Compatible with Epoxy, Vinyl Ester and Polyester resins.

Binderless chopped strand mat available.

Manufacturing Range

Weight: 265 g/m² - 1500 g/m²

Width: 100 mm – 1270 mm

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