Innegra / Carbon Woven Fabric Honeycomb Twill 8.3oz x 27"

ANG407C685 - Innegra / Carbon Woven Fabric Honeycomb Twill 8.3oz x 27"

Colan's Twill Weave fabric is constructed with one or more warp ends weaving over and under two or more weft threads in a regular fashion to produce either a straight or broken diagonal line in the fabric. This weave is more pliable than plain weave and improves the folding, hanging and draping capacity allowing better coverage over curved surfaces

Innegra fabrics are manufactured using a high performance polypropylene fibre called Innegra S.

Innegra features outstanding impact and compression strength properties. It is tougher and lighter than other available fibres. Innegra fabrics are best used with other fibres in a hybrid fabric so we combined this one with Carbon to get enhanced stiffness and strength.

Fibre Innegra & Carbon
Product Type Woven Fabric
Construction Honeycomb Twill
Density 285 g/m2
Width 685 mm
Thickness 0.34 mm
Pack Qty 40 mtr
Pack Weight 13.25 kgs
Dimensions 82 x 22 x 24 cm
Manufacturer Colan Australia
Finish Loomstate