Nylon Peel Ply Plain 82g/m2 1800mm Red Tracer

PPLY085180 - Nylon Peel Ply Plain 82g/m2 1800mm Red Tracer

Peel Plies are woven fabrics that are generally applied as the last material in the composite laminate sequence. They are designed to be peeled from the surface following cure to leave a textured surface, which is clean and contaminant free. This surface is then ideally prepared for secondary bonding, filling or painting and does not usually require any further mechanical abrasion. Red warp tracer yarns are also woven into the fabric to help indicate their presence on the laminate.

Fibre Nylon
Product Type Peel Ply
Construction Plain
Density 82 g/m2
Width 1800 mm
Thickness 0.10 mm
Pack Qty 200 mtr
Pack Weight 33 kgs
Dimensions 180 x 22 x 24 cm
Manufacturer Colan International
Finish Loomstate