Quadraxial (0°,90°,+45°,-45°)

This four (4) layer fabric has fibreglass roving laid down parallel in the 0º, -45°, +45° and 90º axes. Lightweight stitching holds these fibres together and parallel in each layer. This stitching is non-structural.

This fabric allows the builder to apply multiple layers simultaneously and adds excellent structural support and stiffness to the laminate. The 0° and 90º fibres add strength across the hull with the 45° fibres adding additional cross bracing and torsional stability.

Also available with chopped strand mat (CSM) stitched to the top side of the fabric for additional bonding requirements.

Key Features:

Cost effective solution for reducing labour in layup process.Quadraxial Multiaxial Orientation

Commonly used as a main component of hull and deck laminates.

Compatible with Epoxy, Vinyl Ester and Polyester resins.

Binder-less chopped strand mat available.

Manufacturing Range

Weight: 600 g/m² - 2400 g/m²

Width: 100 mm – 1270 mm

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